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I laugh.

1) you somehow think retail market investors move the market, as if institutional investors and hedge funds aren't the primary drivers. Yes, institutional and hedge fund investors DID get out of Real Estate (CDO's, mortgage funds, etc) and moved into commodities and gold. The numbers are all publicly available.

2) you somehow have missed the entire ETF commodity product for retail investors. You don't have to go trade yourself on the floor to invest in commodities.

3) you somehow have missed that demand has DROPPED due to unemployment, yet commodity prices have gone up regardless. People didn't move out of their house and go on consumer spending spree's. They lost their job, lost their house, and live in their relative's basements trying to not spend any money at all.

I pity your clients you give financial advice to. I'm just an amateur retail investor, and I know about this stuff you seem to be completely clueless about. You are letting your politics get in the way of your financial analysis. You should get out of politics.

Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post need to understand commodity trading abit didnt go from popping real estate mkt into the avg american has a futures account and gonna trade up grain, oil, cotton, copper, platinum???.

Now some real estate money did go into the gold trade.

After the real estate mkt popped , did they buy alot more clothes, drive alot more, start buying more ring bands, start eating more hence driving up commodity prices?....hhmmm.