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iTrader: (1) need to understand commodity trading abit didnt go from popping real estate mkt into the avg american has a futures account and gonna trade up grain, oil, cotton, copper, platinum???.

Now some real estate money did go into the gold trade.

After the real estate mkt popped , did they buy alot more clothes, drive alot more, start buying more ring bands, start eating more hence driving up commodity prices?....hhmmm.

If you think that the rise in gold and commodities in general isnt related to the US dollar weakening you are crazy.

The commodity trade isnt in a bubble prob think gold is at a bubble top also...there are clear signs when a bubble is happening and you dont obviously know what the signs are...dont worry, just know I sold my excess real estate in late 2005.......and i havent sold my gold yet but one day will.

Please stick with the politics...

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Commodities are going up because there is a commodity bubble, triggered directly by the bursting of the Real Estate bubble and the 2008 market crash. Money went straight from Real Estate and stocks into Commodities and gold.

It's funny that you seem to understand the Real Estate bubble (now that it's burst) but cannot recognize the obvious commodity bubble, and mistake the effects of the commodity bubble with actual inflation.