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Originally Posted by ghosthi32 View Post
and your point?

perry is different from reagan. The fact is Perry is corrupted with special interests. He has flip-flopped on his views more than any one. He was trying to force teen girls to receive a hpv vaccine that was made by the pharmaceutical company, Merk. Merk hired his former political advisor as lobbyist and donated to his campaign.

"Merck, the vaccine's maker, donated $6,000 to Perry's 2006 re-election.
...and [Merck] paid Perry's former chief of staff big money to lobby for them, the ad says.
It's also true Merck hired Perry's former chief of staff as a lobbyist. A graphic in the ad implies the lobbyist received $260,000, but that is misleading since Texas Ethics Commission records show the most he could have made at the time is $50,000."
C'mon, he was just makin sure his brahs don't get oral cancer when they go down south