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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
Look at Rasmussen. Theirs are the most accurate and independent, they were perfectly accurate for 2008 and 2010.
You just take random words and put them together. '08 and '10 were election years, '11 is not.

Look at the polls right after we killed bin Laden, or look at the polls for congress (much worse than Obama). So what does all this mean? Nothing, except the obvious - when the economy's stalling, following a huge recession, and the stock market is unstable, and housing prices are down, and politicians are just bickering - people are unhappy, so they say that everyone sucks. If the focus changes, the polls change.

Right now, we're in the middle of 2 years of a bunch of repubs going around the country, telling us how we're supposed to feel. Do you think that any of them are admitting that the Obama admin is doing better at recovering from a recession than Reagan did? Of course not.

You conservatives are so comically confused. Out of one side of your ass, you say that the US is full of lazy freeloaders looking for handouts, but when these people are surveyed in a poll, they suddenly represent the voice of the nation, out the other side of your ass.