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Originally Posted by delt31 View Post
Thanks! The area we're looking at is upper St clair and there are hills all over the place (actually Pitt has hills everywhere) and hence my hesitation. Seems like the overwhelming answer is you're OK with snow tires. Is that b/c the M3 has better suspension/control than other comparable RWD cars? I was reading that it has DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) - does that make the difference or would all RWD with snow tires be OK? Also - I wonder what the bargaining room is in Pitts for M3's b/c I feel like there is a good chance to get a great deal (used or new).

Also - as far as the 335ix, someone mentioned that even with that car you need snow tires and can't ride with the stock ones in the winter even though it's xdrive? If that's the case, that's another expense I should tack onto the 335 b/c I thought that would only be a M3 thing. As for the engine diff (54 vs 55), I don't plan on modding the car (maybe just a tune)so I guess I would go with the 55 ALTHOUGH I would love to get a black roof (carbon if possible) which I don't believe is done by BMW but must be after market, which would prob ax the warranty correct?
I live in Upper St Clair and i had no problem driving the c63 with dedicated wheels and tires last winter. The township does an outstanding job of cleaning the roads. Goodluck!