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Are you speaking from experience?

I have both a 2011 e90 m3 and a ls6 miata and at least the balance in my setup is near 50/50. I would hardly said it's unbalanced. The ls6 block is actually LIGHTER than the stock flat 4 made of iron. the ls6 miata requires more skill because you've got more torque to handle but hardly unbalanced.

My ls6 will smoke my m3 anyday on the track without even coming close to it's limits. I pass up higher power porsches and vettes easily (mainly out driving them). I keep up or pass them in the straights.

of course I enjoy my m3 much more. much less nvh AND it has air conditioning.

I think speaking from experience weighs more than any theoretical rambling here....
having both I'd really like to hear your opinion. would you prefer to take the ls6 out to the track over the m3? I cant imagine there being many cars out at the track that beat the hp/weight of an ls6 miata.