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First of all, the 3 words I have used are indeed the only words I know hehe....

From Texas huh?...Texas kinda like the homeland I would think...dry heat, lots of oil, blondes up north-dark haired people further south, lots of angry kids, both places celebrate by shooting off AK 47's/shotguns in the air, both places like meat(steak vs kabob), hairy backs and knuckles, veil over face vs scar tissue over face from plastic surgery, every car either a BMW or a POS Pinto.

Did I miss anything?...

Originally Posted by ghosthi32 View Post
Perry demolishing Obama in a debate? Perry is scared of debates! He didn't go to the debate here in Texas when he reran for governor. Perry can't debate worth shit.

Texas economy isn't that great. Most of the jobs that Perry said that he created are all below min. Wage. We are having budget problems here. He used that stimulus money that he said he wouldn't use. We have the most toxic water and one of the most polluted states bc of his big buisness attitude. You honestly have know idea what you are talking about so please stfu.