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Haha, Obama's answer was so stupid. What's so bad about what Rick Perry said? That he's telling it like it is with having Obama being commander in chief and not having been a part of the US military and Air forces? Perry is way more qualified because he was a pilot in the military and knows how to run the military a whole lot better than Obama. Obama is scared of Perry because Perry will demolish Obama in any debate and election.
Why must you post here? You have a near-perfect record of stating completely untrue, unsubstantiated, or just wrong statements.

First of all, it is idiotic to say that it's "certain" that Rick Perry will be the nominee. There's absolutely no basis for that.

Secondly, Bush and Cheney were NOT part of the armed forces, did that stop them from running the military, or starting wars? You know who's much more knowledgeable than them? John Kerry, and Bob Dole, but both lost to non-military opponents.

Finally, no matter how many times you say it, Obama's not "scared" of any opponent, especially a nobody like Rick Perry. There's absolutely no evidence or commonly accepted notion that Perry is even an OK debater, so again, your propaganda has no merit. And before you repeat this "destroying" Obama thing for the 1000th time, wake-up to the reality that the repub field is extremely weak, with no big names, and nobody who's getting more than about 10% in national polls.

The democrats are united behind Obama, because many still like him, and those who no longer feel so positive about him still blame the repubs in congress for our govt stagnation, so they won't cross over. Meanwhile, independents won't vote for any of these teabagging, religious-nut, right-to-life, govt-dismantling repubs. And the repub voters are pretty much scattered across 5 or 6 candidates. So get used to seeing Obama for a long time to come.
I'll make sure to quote your naive post on election day 2012. Do you have any recollection of the 2010 elections or were you asleep to the nation and the polls? Polls currently show Republicans as having 48% support and Obama only has 42% support in a general election. During the weekend Obama's approval according to Gallup was 39% and Rasmussen was right next to that. I don't know how you can get Obama reelected with approval below 50%, let alone 39%. Haha, jokes on you!