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In my opinion, this is everywhere. It's just that there are cooler ways to give free stuff in Miami than other places (e.g. not gonna have as many places to take the yacht for a spin in State College, PA). I don't really blame players for taking stuff. Any other student at the school could take that stuff with no penalty. Who wouldn't take cash and parties as a college student? Heck, who wouldn't take it after college? I'd go for a ride on a yacht full of cash and hot chicks in a second. But, my opinion on the severity (not severe) of taking free stuff (or something as trivial as free f'n tattoos) does not mean that I think miami won't get in a bunch of trouble for this stuff. Violations like these stopped bothering me a few years ago when I started to believe it was everywhere and I was actually just waiting on schools to get caught. Miami's turn. Will be someone new next week/month/year. By the way, I think this stuff, even though widespread, is far more benign than schools paying directly for services (that's you Cam Newton), but somehow that was ok because it was just his dad negotiating for him.

My guess is that what sets the Miami stuff apart from others is not the actual violations, but that you have the person behind this who decided to document everything and feels like burning the "friends" he tried to buy because they were bad people who didn't maintain their "friendships" with him (says the scumbag who is in jail for a $1 billion heist)