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Originally Posted by 3XTR3M3 View Post
I'm very VERY interested in this kit for my 2011 ZCP but the high speed bounce is also a big concern for me.

On my 2008 non-ZCP I had H&Rs with swapped out bump stops. Although cornering was tighter and overall the car felt good, the bounce was noticeable especially at high speeds. When switched to the 2011 ZCP, I noticed what a big difference stock was compared to H&Rs.

Is there any additional info or elements this KW kit has that the H&Rs don't which suggest the high speed bounce issue won't happen again?

If so, I really want a set of these so bad. Thanks!
If the car is equipped with EDC and the suspension is set to comfort, there should be minimal to virtually no issues with bounciness at high speeds on the highway.