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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
Personally, I wont even bother to vote unless Ron Paul is a candidate.

Anyone else just promotes the status quo which is a waste of time imho.

If you want "true change"(didnt Obama run on this slogan last time lol?), it has to be Ron Paul...everyone else is same ol same ol.

Ron Paul will bring some financial pain in the short run but he will save us in the long run...everyone else will cause the system to come down sooner rather than later...deficit is 14.5 trillion now and growing...Obama sets up super committee to cut 1.5T ...yeah right..we all know even if they make these cuts the debt will still grow over the next 10 yrs by another 7-8 trillion.

We try to solve all "crisis" with money expansion that works great for the people who have access to it, but unfortunately it isnt the common is where it is at and there isnt job expansion(we should be seeing 500K plus jobs per month during a real recovery)...most co's know were close to another recession and wont hire.

There is a 95% chance we see at least a slight recession when looking at high bind yields...better brace for it.

If you're going to pour trillions into a supposed recovery, do it for real job expansion by lowering the red tape and taxes for small businesses since they employ 75% of the people...invest in the future with renewable energy...real FDR-esque nuclear power plants(safely I might add), fix roads and bridges...dont spend 15% of the stimulus for such endeavors, spend 80% of the money on this type of investment...quit giving it to the thieving bankers who gamble with it but dont credit.

The Feds expanded their balance sheet over the past 3 yrs by probably 4-5TTTTT!...this money went to BAC, GS, and even to FOREIGN banks...The Fed Reserve paid trillions for worthless junk CDS's and bad mortgages...we are paying for this through inflation!!!...thats is what the people dont understand...its all about the money supply...when the feds print money, we all pay through high food and gas next time you applaud the Fed, try to remember this simple concept nobody will discuss(kinda like Ron Paul and the 13th floor haha).
Agree with you on everything but the last part. The inflation has not really been borne out, as yet. Our inflation has been staggeringly low over the last 3 years. And no, I refuse to factor in non-core items like oil. As you can see, oil has plummeted in the last few weeks, due to dollar appreciation and decreases in supply risks, among other things. We've already discussed this in past threads, but I've explained to you already why money supply expansion does not necessarily equal inflation.

However, it does concern me that we're expanding the money supply. Why? Because who knows when we hit that tipping point, and inflation takes off? The Fed is really treading on new territory, by expanding the money supply so aggressively. In the past, it wasn't such a large issue; but if this trend continues, and it works and the economy starts to grow, we COULD theoretically end up in a hyperinflationary situation, which would stifle all growth.