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Review: EvolveR Tune

so when i first heard about the evolve tune a few months ago, i thought to myself: theyre advertising this for $250 off what it would normally cost, the standard rev limiter is annoying so it would be nice being able to hit 8600, and why not add a few extra horses and why not make the car more agressive

when i initially got the tune, i messed up the initial installation. what you are supposed to do is downgrade the software on the car and then load the tuned file to that downgraded 140E software. well i tried loading the tuned file on top of the 220E and my car was completely f*cked. it wouldnt start, threw every code possible and idrive gave me a million malfunctions

unfortunately for me, evolve is located in the UK and this happened on a saturday afternoon so i was unable to get assistance until monday. but monday morning, got the help i needed. Sal connected remotely to my laptop which was connected to the car and we screenshared and it took 6 hours, but he got the car back up and running

at this point, car drove really well with the 140E. as each week passed, i continuously found issue after issue with the car however. nothing major but the DCT would act weird and if i wanted to shift from 7-3 in one shift, it would take longer than me shifting from 7-6-5-4-3 with the paddles. also, my BT tool would tell me that there are hidden codes that wouldnt be cleared. additionally, cars revs would bounce on idle and the car really wasnt driving how it should

i loaded up the stock 220E file again and all these issues went away. then i troubleshooted by loading an UNTUNED 140E file and the issues i previously stated were present again. so i thought to myself...hmm...140e is giving me these problems. but that makes sense because why else would bmw make software updates. so to be honest, i gave up on the tune for a few weeks. didnt want to deal with the headache of the problems stated above and i was running stock 220E for the past few weeks...until today

so today, i wake up, open my homepage and m3post comes up. saw a new thread from Sal describing how 220E is now tuneable...i thought to myself YES FINALLY, BMW SOFTWARE FROM 2011 WITH A TUNE. so i emailed Evolve and Sal told me hed be compiling my software and email it to me when its done. got an email and instructions with how to load it up. for precautionary reasons, i loaded the stock 220E file with the evolve software even though it was already on the car. then loaded the tune. both of these processes took around 3-4 minutes and i did this without a battery tender. turned car on, no issues whatsoever. then went for a nice long 50 mile drive just to make sure car adapted properly. first few miles were jerky but i could instantly tell when it adapted and when things were working as they should. the car literally feels like a different thing all together. none of the issues with my 140E are present anymore even with this new tuned file. did some pulls with a friend with another e92 m3 and i pulled car lengths on him. gear 2-5 seem to pull no matter where i am in the power band. it actually feels torquier

all in all, im very satisfied with the product evolve has for e92 m3s. they set the bar with this new way to tune 220E files