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Originally Posted by jworms View Post
i won't hold me breath on this one. bmw isn't exactly known for making new models lighter than the previous even with all the new lightweight tech they have. the cars keep getting bigger and bigger.
Currently, if there is anything BMW is known for it's inconsistency in past ideas and beliefs, breaking tradition, and change. Big change.

BMW condemned Audi for using Turbos... they now depend on turbos.

BMW condemned Benz for putting the same engine in lot of performance cars... we will soon see BMW do the same. Maybe not exact engines but variations.

BMW M believed and preached in all-natural, high-revving engines in M cars... 80% of current M cars on the market are twin turbos with average redlines. When the F3X M3 comes out, 100% of M cars will be forced induction.

BMW never believed in front wheel drive vehicles... BMWi will be manufacturing front wheel drive vehicles.

BMW preached hydrogen technology while everyone was working out hybrids/electrics... now BMWi will make hybrid/electric vehicles instead of hydrogen which they wasted years on developing.

They have reason for doing everything they have done, but it does blur the lines of what we know about BMW and M.

If there is anything you can depend on, it is that you can not rely on BMWs tradition or past trends to predict anything they will do. Shaving weight off of future vehicles is no different. Just because the weight has done nothing but go up, does not mean it will always do so and not reverse and start going down.

I dont know this for sure of course, but I do know we can not rely on BMWs past or traditions to determine the direction of the current BMW. So if something seems logical, with enough supported evidence, I will believe in that before I believe in tradition, past values, and past trends.