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Quick update from Sal@Evolve

Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
Hi Guys,

evolve-R Update!

One of many updates over the next few months for you.

We have now implemented the protocols for the flashing of tuner protected BMW software versions 170E, 190E.... 220E.

This was previously not available because we were not at all happy with the time is was taking to write to the ECU (45mins+) and were a little concerned with the test proceedures at the end of the flash process. The tuner protected versions do have additional test proceedures to 140E and before.

For this reason we had chosen to roll back to 140E but shown on a few occasions that flashing tuner protection was already a possibility with evolve-R

So now, we are flashing all tuner protected versions to a standard which we are very happy with.

Major Key Features:
- Flashing time is less than 5 mins! (yes, five)
- Test Routines in accordance with BMW factory flashing tools
- Have as many tunes as you want
- Ability to flash back to stock at any time

At the moment, no other tool can flash this quickly and we are using a unique process. You don't really need battery chargers or voltage stabilisers but we still recommend them just incase you have a slightly weak battery.

For those who had to revert back to 140E, please email us and we will supply you with updated software and a flash so you can remain with the tuner protected (or not so tuner protected) version. This will not incur any charges.

Next updates will be about DTC's and datalogging which will make the evolve-R cable more than just a flashing too but a complete diagnostics cable also.

Thanks for reading!
More info in the below link to the OP.

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