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Originally Posted by Scoobe View Post
I don't disagree with past trends, but something has got to give somewhere. High Strength Steel, Carbon Fiber and Carbon Plastics will become mainstream materials sooner or later. They have the potential to shave 300-700lbs off of current cars. It has always been a cost issue.

You bring up a good point though. How long before the government, who's demands already account for significant weight in cars, adds even more requirements that weigh down cars. We may just see cars maintain their weight instead of lose weight as these materials are introduced.
Would vastly prefer a lighter car with the same output (or even less, depending on many othher factors.) Your estimated weight savings above seems very optimistic (and support for it?) but regardless of the actual numbers we are finally getting to a point where mass manufacturing of these materials will provide the scale to make them economically viable. Until the gov't/safety regs are modified to add even more weight...
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