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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
Just can't figure out when to shut up, huh? It's really sad to know your type is as prevalent as it is.

The point of this thread is selflessness, and the celebration of what is good in life with all it has to offer and display. But you do have something to contribute. I guess your comments are just another pattern in the tapestry of life.
your comment has nothing, and you obviously know im right. because as your can do is fling elementary school comments. so let me educate you and your "type". sports stars are just that, sports stars. its people like YOU that place them on pedestals. i admire their skills, but theyre definitely not my heros. my heros are the ones who lay their lives on the battlefield for the freedoms of ignorant assholes like you. thats selflessness, not giving away millions you probably shouldnt have earned. so when someone compares the two, i get upset. but i digress. the point of this thread is about a movie about a great racing driver who had a kind heart, so why dont you just stfu.