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Well, instead of posting my own thread, I will add my thoughts here.

Just had my Eisenmann Race installed on Friday with stock x and connecting pipes. First time I started it after install, I was like...WOW, that's loud. Driving left me very impressed with the agressive growl under acceleration. However, it would be nice if it wasn't so loud, all the time. Even when I am doing a 0-60 in 15s, it sounds like I am driving at WOT.

Cruising, it's a bit louder than stock and I find that it drones between 1800 and 2000 RPM. At 2500RPM, it sounds great.

Startup will be an issue. With my old car, which had a 6MT, I would have to roll it out of the garage and onto the street before starting it if I was leaving before my kids woke up. Now that I have DCT, that isn't really an option anymore. I guess I will have to plan ahead and leave the car outside if I am anticipating leaving before my kids are awake in the morning.

Anyways, for now, I love the exhaust. It definitely turns heads, for better or worse. It will take a little getting used to and some "essplaining" to do to the wife.

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