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Thaks for the quick reply. I posted another thread addressing the paint damage/discoloration on the wheel/brake forum. you can see it there. But bottom line is, the off the shelf wheel cleaners just damaged the paint.

I can't just leave it the way it is. Not on this car. So I got to do something here. Anything will be better than what it looks like. One thing for sure, after I re-paint and replace the hats, paint the calipers, I'm never ever using any of those wheel cleaners such as Meguires and Formula 1 shit. No need.

Anyway, I'm thinking after removing as much grease, brake dust, and clean the calipers up, I'll remove them completely, remove the pads and some hardware, tape off what I can and repaint the surface. It'll be a big job but gonna have too.

The hats and hardware will just be replaced so I'm only dealing with painting the calipers.

Big question is; can I just apply high-temp caliper black paint to the calipers without removing the old original paint? Will it stick well and stay on?