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Re-paint APracing Calipers and disc hats - suggestions?

Hey fella's,

Well, It looks like my only option other than purchasing new brakes is to re-paint the disc hats and calipers since off the shelf wheel cleaners pretty much destroyed the paint finish. Refer to my pictures.

I will be ordering new hardware which is required for removing the disc hats.

The plan is to remove the hats (front/rear disc hubs) and repaint them with high-temp caliper/exhaust/engine paint. Satin Black.

Calipers will be removed, cleaned and most hardware & pads removed, some parts taped off (bleed valves, bottom transfer tube, etc)

Re-paint the calipers black with same type of high-temp paint.

The only problem is how to not paint over the yellow APracing logo? Or what to use to repaint the logo so it looks the same?

Should I try to tape the logo off and touch it up, or re-paint th logo with a small brush using yellow hi-temp paint after the calipers are painted and dried? Would i need to scuff up the yellow logo paint or remove it?

What methods, suggestions to you all have? I'v reviewed some online links but most are re-painting their calipers in a very "Ghetto" half-ass way.

I want to make this look as good as possible without sending my brakes off tor a month.
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