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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
Mercedes makes as many or more "driver's cars" as BMW... sorry that you are so blind to that. Again, I also very much prefer BMW, especially the M3, and would not buy a Mercedes at this stage in my life. The difference though is that I can also appreciate that BMW is not the only great car out there... do I think it is the best in its category? Absolutely, which is why I own one. Comments like yours get called out as fanboism because whether you are right or wrong, you are completely blinded by the roundel and making comments that are just silly is the issue. But, let me say it again... I ultimately agree with your love of BMW and think the M3 is the top of its segment by a margin but I can also appreciate the that it isn't the only great option. And, as I said in my last post, no one "deserves" to have or not have a BMW regardless as to how much they "think" they are a true "enthusiast".
I too appreciate great cars from different manufactures, that's why I bought a PORSCHE. I am not blinded by the 'roundel' as you say. I just happen to think that Mercs are way over rated and many are blinded by how Mercedes look from the outside. I have little respect for Mercedes as a premium car maker They are experts at maximizing profits by cutting corners in the cars they produce. No company is perfect but Bmw and Porsche are at the top of my list. Why settle for an inferior car because it looks better? A true enthusiast would not even consider a Benz. I also admire cars from Audi, Nissan and even chevy. Sorry if my previous posts seemed a little ' fanboyish '(a cute bimmerpost term) i just think poorly of Mercedes and with reason.