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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
KK is obviously a BMW fanboy. I'm a car enthusiast and appreciate all cars. The CLS is very capable car that would probably beat an M3 on a track. The thing corners very well at speeds and is super planted. It also isn't as nuts as the C63 which will make it get better lap times and in the straight will out-run most any car that isn't classified as exotic. I find the interior of the CLS63 to be worthy of $105k whereas I don't find the M3's finish worthy of $75k. I understand the M3's heritage and its awesome capabilities but I can't not think about the CLS63 as an alternative, especially since I have an X5M which is well worthy of the ///M brand. I have driven both cars pretty extensively now and yesterday pulled the trigger on the CLS63. (I fell even more in love after gunning the car going into the freeway and listening to its beautiful roar.)
Ok, I like Mercedes as much as the next guy but "beat an M3 on a track"???? Now that's just dopey. I'll leave the X5M thing alone. It's a fast truck that handles well for a truck, but it's a truck. Not sure this is the best way to approach your enthusiasm.