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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
OMG! She had a baby and (gasp!) the experience changed her opinion! Akkkkkk! All good libs know that once you decide on something you can never change! Nevah!!!!!!!
I like how you'll make excuses for anyone who's on the right, regardless of what they do.

You completely miss the point, which has nothing to do with her changing her opinion to suit her personal situation. The point is that she never came out and announced a change of opinion, in fact she's never acknowledged it. To do that would not make her the schill that she is. Rather she spent her pre-baby days sh!tting on people's rights, because that's what the right does, and then she did what she told people you shouldn't do.

It is representative of much of what the right pontificates about, such as family values and cutting spending, and then they ignore it themselves. Like Sarah Palin's bridge to nowhere, and Eliot Spitzer's crackdown on prostitution.

Us libs know better, and we just ignore the dopes from the get-go.