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Hey guys.. first off, thanks for the overwelming number of responses and genuine advice.. I appreciate it.

I want to reiterate that I'm a huge car (and M3) newbie and am doing my best to figure out what makes sense for me given my limited sources for information. Very happy I stumbled upon this forum because you guys clearly know what you're talking about.

Here are some of my extremely newbish questions:

(1) What exactly is the difference between a "Canadian" M3 and an "American" M3? I was under the impression that they were all built in the States, and once one crosses the border and gets registered properly, it becomes a "Canadian" M3.

You can get Canadian 08's for low 50s and 09's for high 50s and when you do the math your savings on imports is less than 5% which eventually you lose on the resale anyways if not more!
I can't seem to find '09s in the high 50's.. with ~30,000km they appear to be more in the mid-high 60's range on

(3) In Toronto, how much do we save tax-wise buying private vs. buying from a dealer (in Canada)? The only dealership I've been to was "Venus Fine Cars" in North York because they seemed to have the largest online inventory so I went and checked them out. The car I test-drove and really like colorwise/etc is this one:

I managed to get it down to $76k after tax with a winter set thrown in.. but after seeing some numbers tossed around in these forums I'm staring to feel like that would be a terrible decision.

(4) GMW: So after the 6.1% duty, I assume that I'll also have to pay the standard HST of Ontario (13%), as well as the fees. Was a little confused by the way you split it up saying that you paid 5% GST, then the "remaining" 10% later.. I understand taxes in NS are different but just wanted to confirm you paid a total of 6.1% + 5% + 10% in total taxes.

(5) As for dealing with a seller in the States.. are dealerships allowed to sell to you without charging State taxes and its just that easy? Also.. how terrible of an idea is it to not fly down and test-drive the car etc. and simply assume it drives the same as one tested here and have it shipped up?

Thanks again guys.. and again, sorry for the severe beginnerisms..