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Originally Posted by GMW View Post
He clearly explained it the first time.
He's not comparing with a private sale on a 2011 M3 ZCP because they don't EXIST.

He's comparing similarly equipped cars in two different locations. I bet both locations are dealers.

Secondly, I didn't by a car for resale value. This shouldn't even be factored into this topic. Where was this mentioned in the OP post? Nowhere. OP asked the forum a question, I happened to answer with a lengthy reply and now you're here arguing.

And, I've never had a headache from buying a car.
Really? I'd bet most peolple asking these questions about importing do care though. Afterall, why would they go through the trouble of importing a car to save money?

Yes, I have imported before (saved 8K on a 2 year old 2005 M3 back in 2007) but gave all that back and more on resale. So did the subsequent buyer who tried to trade it in at a dealer. He too lost money on the same car and it was a super clean, low mileage car! Importing was all the rage then though and the dealers were getting pissed off. Not sure much has changed with this dealer attitude.

G'luck everyone and enjoy your cars.