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Originally Posted by TailHappyM3 View Post
You're probably comparing to a Canadian car at dealer list which is not the same thing. Also, have you even compared to private sale and save on the taxes? We can twist numbers any way to make ourselves feel better about our purchases. It's human nature.
NO... I'm NOT comparing dealer list!!
The dealer had a demo unit with 9000km on it "On Sale" for $80,800 (regular price was $88K). THAT is the number I'm comparing to... and it didn't even have the ZCP option.

Facts are facts... no twisting of numbers is required. Just assumptions clouding over the facts I presented.

And here in BC we don't get much of a tax break from the goverment if we buy privately... we still have to pay 7%. But my comparison is based on the fact that I bought from a dealer in the US... and compared to dealer in Canada. I found used 2011's in US for even less than I paid at US dealer so that argument bears little weight.

I'd be happy to provide a complete breakdown of costs for import and you can do your own comparison based on facts.