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Originally Posted by Delta335i View Post
I've been through this already once before with a US purchased 350Z. Saved almost $10K at time of import and sold after 3 years for $3K less than it cost me. I doubt that someone who paid full CDN price for a Z can claim that.

What's that got to do with a BMW M3 which is a totally different market controlled by greedy Canadian dealers? I and others have gone through this resale process with the BMW dealers here and it's not pretty.

Aside from the BMW beginning its journey in the US, what's the real difference? ... they're still both made in Germany and NO mods had to be made to car to bring into compliance.

The problem is that Canadian BMW dealers are trying to control and manipulate this market. The scumb bag dealers up here essentially blacklist your US M3 or offer you 25% less when compared to same Canadian car. They are essentially manipulating the market for US cars because the public also will follow the market value and are aware of this problem of how BMW dealers up here deal with imported US BMWs.

The only possible argument is warranty... or fear of a lack of one... which from my past experience, was not a concern as Nissan Canada approved all work on my Z as warranty. So far my research has shown that BMW dealers in Canada have NOT been refusing warranty claims.. in fact my local dealer stated that the next time I'm in they will enter my VIN into their system for future warranty service.

Again, BMW dealers up here are not Nissan!

The only thing I have read is that yearly free check-ups & oil changea aren't covered and free courtesy cars aren't provided... but for $17K I should be able to cover that.

I seriously doubt that number. It's not apples to apples.

I will agree that the older the car is that you import the less it makes sense from a saving point of view, but for a 2010/11 model with low Kms it is worth it in my opinion and personal experience.
Everyone really needs to do thier own homework on this and if you add all the true costs you may be surprised. The E9X M3 price gap of US and Canada cars are much closer than it was with the E46 M3. Yes, our dollar is stronger too but anyone claiming more than 5-10% savings is questionable and totally ignoring that eventual resale hit.

End of this debate for me. Sorry to offend anyone (not my intention) but this had to be said.