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Originally Posted by TailHappyM3 View Post
How the heck are a couple of you guys here claiming you saved 17-20K, almost 20% or more?? Sorry but I'm not buying it since that is more or at least equal to the price difference on brand new E9X M3s between US and Canada, and that's before all duties, taxes, costs, and headaches are even factored in.

If you buy locally and privately(at least in Alberta), there alone you save 11% on those taxes which wipes out at least 50% of any savings from importing a US car and especially after all others costs like shipping, possible cluster change, and inevitible future resale loss are added in you are not ahead. Anyone who thinks otherwise about the E9X is delusional. (BTW, we're talking BMWs here, not Porsche or other cars....every car's market is unique)

I'm not claiming there is no savings but 20% or more on the E9X M3 after all true costs, resale loss, and taxes are accounted for??? BS!
I'm not claiming anything. I went and did it 4 times now.
You should go try it and then comment, not before.

I'd be more then happy to share my personal costs. Unfortunately not going to share exact numbers on a forum. If you're ever in Halifax, I'll show you.

I don't need to justify this but I'll share one example.
the ZCP package costs $2500 US on US cars
same option in canada
7MA costs over $5000
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