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Originally Posted by m3cragg View Post
From what I recall there are some warranty restrictions on servicing a US car in canada. Savings on a US car could be great but come resale time your going to get pinched IMO
I've been through this already once before with a US purchased 350Z. Saved almost $10K at time of import and sold after 3 years for $3K less than it cost me. I doubt that someone who paid full CDN price for a Z can claim that. In fact, the influx of US cars (even by Nissan dealers themselves) drove the price of used Z's down.

Aside from the BMW beginning its journey in the US, what's the real difference? ... they're still both made in Germany and NO mods had to be made to car to bring into compliance.

The only possible argument is warranty... or fear of a lack of one... which from my past experience, was not a concern as Nissan Canada approved all work on my Z as warranty. So far my research has shown that BMW dealers in Canada have NOT been refusing warranty claims.. in fact my local dealer stated that the next time I'm in they will enter my VIN into their system for future warranty service.

The only thing I have read is that yearly free check-ups & oil changes aren't covered and free courtesy cars aren't provided... but for $17K I should be able to cover that.

I will agree that the older the car is that you import the less it makes sense from a savings point of view, but for a 2010/11 model with low Kms, it is worth it in my opinion and personal experience.