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Do your research, be informed and then decide what is the best for you.

I have had positive experience on the 13 cars I have imported in the last 5 years. I have sold 5, made money on 3 (drove 3-8 months and flipped) and got the very close to what I thought market was on the other two sold after 2-3 years of driving. The other 9 I still own either personally or in my Company (employee cars). I just sold a Cayenne GTS that I improted in Dec 2010. Drove it for 8 months, made $7k profit on the sale. I priced it aggresively and got what I asked for it in 4 days. I even had a Kijiji reply that wished me good luck on selling my over priced, manual trans US porsche.

I just bought a E90 2008 M3 in Oregon. This is my first BMW imported and I had stayed away as dealers are not friendly. But I wanted an M3. The car is loaded. It was hard to find the options I wanted with the colours and low miles. It is in transit and will be here Monday. Landed in Canada my costs with all fees/inspections/trucking is ~$48,500. Car was just listed and I negotiated hard for a great price, had them unenroll the CPO etc. I think I saved at least $7k.

If you think BMW dealers are bad, try Honda (we have 4) and they will not cover any warranty, period. But knock on wood, have only had $1000 in repairs on all 4 and warr just about to expire.

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