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Originally Posted by Lefort View Post
Thanks Asif.. couple questions:

Taxes are something I've been trying to look into and can't figure out from searching online. So essentially I'd end up paying the 6.1% duty + 13% HST + cost of shipping and any others fees like registering etc..?

From what I can tell.. '08s and '09s around the ~$65k mark in Canada are around the ~$52k mark in the US. So even if duty + fees = 8%, we're still saving $5k. Seems like a pretty good price for the hassle.

Why's that? And is there anything specifically that might often be different when comparing vehicles from the two countries?

Sorry if my questions are newbish.. I'm an M3 newb..
You can get Canadian 08's for low 50s and 09's for high 50s and when you do the math your savings on imports is less than 5% which eventually you lose on the resale anyways if not more!

As well, dealers will not go to bat for you on those 50/50 warranty claims! They hate it with a passion when people bring their US cars in for service at their dealership and have I been told by many friends at the dealerships this is a fact.

Also, I know lots of people who took huge losses on their US imports and I too had a very hard time with my US 2005 M3 when it came time to sell. The guy who bought that car off me eventually took a 25% hit on that same car one year later when comparing to the Canadian market M3s. The dealers up here won't touch US cars which the private market knows and therefore the price drops significantly.

Bottom line is unless your savings is really huge to offset those headaches and eventual huge resale losses on a US car, it is not worth it.

If you buy private sale up here and avoid all those taxes and other costs, I'm sure you can come really close to the US price. I did this many times and now am on my 4th M3, of which that one US M3 was the only one I did not do too well with due to resale woes. You just need to be patient on finding a nice, clean local car.