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Thanks Asif.. couple questions:

Originally Posted by CalgaryX3 View Post
That being said, after factoring in duty (6.1 odd %), taxes and shipping, the cost savings weren't that significant. Ultimately, I wanted a new car, and with some negotiating was able to get a reasonable discount on a new-build right here in Calgary
Taxes are something I've been trying to look into and can't figure out from searching online. So essentially I'd end up paying the 6.1% duty + 13% HST + cost of shipping and any others fees like registering etc..?

From what I can tell.. '08s and '09s around the ~$65k mark in Canada are around the ~$52k mark in the US. So even if duty + fees = 8%, we're still saving $5k. Seems like a pretty good price for the hassle.

Originally Posted by CalgaryX3 View Post
Make sure that you're comparing apples to apples when looking at US vs. CDN M3s. If resale is a factor, bear in mind that US vehicles will command a little less up here if you ever decide to sell.
Why's that? And is there anything specifically that might often be different when comparing vehicles from the two countries?

Sorry if my questions are newbish.. I'm an M3 newb..