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Originally Posted by onnex View Post
Honestly, I can't hear it on mine. I had an injen DCI on my 335 and I miss that sweet, sweet induction sound when you went WOT. With this it's more noticeable in the exhaust as it adds a sharpness to the note for sure... wish I would have made a comparison video. Either way, I'm happy with my purchase
I feel the increase in induction noise was very noticeable, especially at part open to 3/4 throttle in the lower RPM range

Originally Posted by ee8 View Post
That difference could come from just replacing a dirty BMC filter for a new clean one...

To the OP...

Was the replaced BMC filter clean when you switched? How many miles on it?
The BMC filter had about 5k miles on it and was pretty clean.

Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
Always skeptical when the same shop selling the product is the one doing the dyno. Reason I got an exhaust was so the engine sound wouldn't overpower it @ high RPM's. Guess that's just me though -
I was skeptical as well but the dyno never lies, especially as I was watching the numbers being put down in real time.

Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Appreciate the feedback!

The BMC filter that was originally on was relatively clean and free of debris. Rapture's car simply kept making power dyno pull after dyno pull once the S2 was installed.

Exhaust and a tune would result in even higher power gains.
No problem, Tom! I think my car may break into the 400HP club with a full exhaust system and a tune.
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