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Originally Posted by Weebl View Post
Lies Dave, nothing beats the 300-600 telephotos. Those are as close to perfect as you can get from Canon.

I would personally get the IS F4 over the 2.8, the reasons being:
A) it is the sharpest of the 70-200s
B) Color and contrast might be best also
C) It is lighter and I carry enough as it is.
D) I rarely want to go anywhere near 2.8
E) Wildlife at 200 is going to require use of the IS, not always but will save some shots, especially at 100+ feet out.

No one can figure out if you need IS without really looking at what you shoot. My thought is IS on a UWA not neccessary, on 200mm and above a must if you can afford it.
you don't include the 135 F2 in that list of primes that rock?