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Originally Posted by sameh View Post
Mr. Big reader
I'm a doctor who's working a 12 hours shift today. I'm only checking my iPhone briefly every now and then. So not only I don't have enough time to read the whole post, it's very difficult to read it on iPhone. As far as reading, please check the size of any textbook that we read. Hope you sleep better now knowing that people still read!!
Originally Posted by sameh View Post
Not "super important" just a doctor who works a 12 hour shift, 99% of those are busy which doesn't equal "important". Would you have said "super important" if my explanation was (I'm a busy subway ticket guy and can only check my phone between customers)??? I doubt it, so why is the sarcasm when it's a busy doctor??...Take it easy and don't judge people cause they might have a good reason.
I'm a surgeon. I work an average of 15-16 hours per day. I read the whole OP. Great read. Thanks for posting, Drake.