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BMW M3 (e46) vs 335d

My friend has just gone and bought a wicked M3 Coupe, and i love it to bits.. but i've got a 335d on order and it will be here in a few weeks.. and i don't know how it will stand up to the Mighty M3.. He recons the M3 will leave me standing.. but he's a bit ignorant when it comes to diesels.. poor boy, ha ha..

I previously had a 535d with DMS remap, and to be honest i think that would of given his M3 a run for it's money, pushing nearly 350 BHP and nearly 700 metres of torque..

But the new 3.0 Litre twin turbo D has more power in the Stock model than the 535 has stock.. so the otcome after the DMS remap will hopfully make my dude realise that he has to stop knocking diesels.. lol

but seriously.. do any of you know how the 335d will stand up to the E46 M3?? remaped or not??
i'm just curious to know if anyone knows any info..



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