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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
Was GT-R also on your buy list? If so why did you end up in a Cayman S? Any deals on them currently?
I didn't really consider the GT-R. Coming from a 335i, I was ready for a NA engine, taking a break from turbo.
Was looking for something that would handle better and still be comfortable enough for a DD. The idea of a mid-engine car really appealed to me. There really wasn't anything anywhere near the price range of the Cayman S that met those criteria.
I considered the M3, test drove one, loved the engine, definitely handled better than my 335i, and I liked the DCT transmission. Knowing it may well be the last of the NA M cars, it was tough to pass on it, but in the end it still looks too similar to the gazillion 3 series on the road and I was ready for a more radical change.
The Evora would be an alternative, but there is no dealer in town and I have concerns about the fit/finish and reliability.
TT-RS might have been considered if it came in a dual-clutch trans and wasn't AWD and FA. 1 M was out due to similar constraints as well as availability issues.
Didn't think too much about C63 or CTS-V, more interested in finesse than brute power.
I never even test drove the Cayman S, in the year since I started looking the local dealer hasn't had even one in PDK. The base model was fun, but didn't want to take too much of a hit in power coming from the 335.
I'm very happy with my choice so far, I can see getting another Porsche when the time comes.