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Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
I have several well ok one question...

when you guys washed your car... you guys dont clean the tips?... My Akra is almost a year old and still looks like new... and to think i ran xpipe with and without cats..... now im running a 200 cel xpipe primary and resonator and still looks new..

oh OP just use WD40
I wash my car more than anyone I know lol. Its never dirty, the outside of the tips are fine,
its the inside that gets these black spots. I tried WD40 but they wouldnt come off.
I also dont rip my car around only once and a while. Lets say I was my car 1-2 times a week.
I figure the spots can come off its just with what product or method im trying to
figure out. Dont get me wrong its not a big deal you can only see them when up close I can live with it
But If I can I want to get rid of them.