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Ran into an M car in my M3 -- what model was it?

Monday night around 7ish I was driving on a freeway about to exit and some other BMW came up screaming beside me. I don't like letting people in front of me (yes, I'm a jerk, move on), so I floored it. It seemed like his car was at least comparable in acceleration. Then he got behind me because there was traffic in front of him, we both exited, and I turned left at the red light while he went straight.

I tried to see what kind of car it was, but I couldn't see enough. Can you guys help? Here is what I know:

1) It had an ///M symbol on the left hand side of the rear.
2) It looked like a 2-seater
3) It had an extremely long front end.
4) It had some sort of hood scoop that appeared stock.
5) It looked very new.
6) It was obviously pretty fast.
7) I think it was blue-ish if that helps.
8) It was a convertible

My best guess is that it was a Z4 M with an aftermarket hood scoop (and/or I just imagined the hood scoop). Any other ideas? That car shouldn't have been able to keep up with me, right?