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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
anyone know how to find out the shutter count on a 5DMK2?
if the numbers haven't been reset ever on it, as far as i can tell, just off the image count.

if you're using the 5DII primarily, you'll feel a real shock every time you put one of your lenses on the 20D and see the reach, it's borderline ridiculous sometimes when shooting something like 400mm between the 2 seonsor types.

when i was doing horse photography, i could sit at 400mm all day and get nice easy, not overly close shots of a horse jumping, but when i threw that lens on the 7D, i was using almost half the zoom unless i wanted to get a neat profile shot of half the horse clearing the fence. Like rodi said, you`ll notice it most at the long end and the wide angle end of things. everything else, you can just ignore the numbers written on the side of the lens.