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Originally Posted by S.hasan546 View Post
It isn't worth $90k. This is an example of ONE retarded dealership with insane markups. They always do this. Everyone is selling their cars near msrp.

The M3 is no benchmark anymore. It's become a gt cruiser like the m5/m6 except cheaper.

So everyone loved the 1M and your just calling it hype? Wow talk about denial.

The 1M beats the M3 in every category for me except maybe looks. But than again the 1M is just the newest M car, it should be as fast as it is. The next m3 will smoke the 1M most likely, even though it'll weigh 4000 lbs.

Also why compare it to a Cayman R? Would you compare the cayman r to an m3? They are totally different cars. Also the 1M is faster than the Cayman R for less $$, arguably better handling, more livable DD, and more space. Also if you increase the price you can get an even better car than the m3. But whats the point in comparing $100k cars to a $60k car? Do you compare your m3 to a 911?
Calling it Denial? I honestly don't care if someone buys a 1M for 30k, 50k, 90k, whatever amount.
I don't care if someone buys a 1M in place of a M3.
I don't care if someone buys a 1M in place of a GTR. etc etc, i can go on all day
It's their money, it's their choice to do what they want for it.

I don't compare my M3 to a 911, but have you not seen the million threads about it? About a 911 vs a M3, which is better, which should I get, blah blah blah?
There are TONS and TONS of posts about 911 vs M3, but I guess you haven't seen them...

The 1M is is suppose to be "raw" hence why I compared it to a Cayman, which is suppose to be raw.
Both are 2 seaters (you're lying to yourself if you think a full sized adult can fit in the rear seats of a 1M or a 135...though I do think the GTR is worse back there)

I'm calling it hype because people (i.e. magazines) always hype up new cars.
Want to name a new car that wasn't hyped up a lot?
What about the new Mustang GT?
Arguably faster than the M3 on a track for a fraction of the cost.
Now, would you go and buy a Mustang? You may, and it's your money, so great for you, but I personally wouldn't. I haven't driven the new ones, but they're still not that appealing to me (looks wise especially).
See the point I'm trying to make?
If not, let me know and I'll try to explain it better.

Alsoooo I wasn't comparing a M3 at 60k to a 100k, i was comparing a 90k M3 to a 90k 1M.
How did I get 90K for the M3? Read the title.

M3 is no benchmark? Then I guess all those awards and recognition etc that keeps getting posted on this forum is all BS and hype and blah blah blah huh?

You misunderstood me, or you didn't read all the posts (I hate it when people commont on a thread without reading the previous posts).
I like the 1M, the 1M is a Great car.
However, IMO, It's not as great as the M3, nor is it worth anything over MSRP. I don't care if the dealership is stupid or not, but that is what they listed it as and I found it FUNNY.
This thread was humorous until the fanbois came in...

Originally Posted by ChrisK View Post
I'm just giving you the info from the Auto Mags. I personally don't car about 0-60. A Honda Civic Si with a turbo would beat my M3.
I agree completely.

I can't even remember the last time I went WOT on the street on the M3....
Actually, I haven't even driven my M3 in 2 weeks, been driving the Z4 (as I AGREEEEEE that the N54 is a great engine, lots of low end torque for going around town, and smaller car so easier to fit into places and park. As a DD, the Z4 w/ N54 is much better IMO than the M3 S65)

Originally Posted by ///Metak View Post
"Wake up Mike, wake're gonna be late for school..."
The 1M driver may have easily mis-shifted.
It happens :/

I beat a Porsche 911 Turbo! But I don't think he was flooring it