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Originally Posted by ChrisK View Post
Aren't these the current numbers?

M3 - 0-60 - 3.9-4.3
X5M - 0-60 - 4.0
X6M - 0-60 - 4.3
1M - 0-60 - 4.5
I love how people act like the M3 is SOOOOO much slower then a lot of cars just because it does 0-60 or the 1/4th a couple split seconds slower. Wake up and smell the exhaust fumes people! Unless you make a living by going to the strip on the weekend and racing people, the M3 is more than enough car for 99.9% of the people out there. I can also tell you that my 2011 DCT M3 would beat a 1m consistently. Just like a modded 335i, the 1m might be quicker off the line but come 80+ mph the M3 will take it everytime. Perfect example is the M3 running the Nurburing 11 seconds faster than the 1m. The M3 also looks like Kim Kardashian while the 1m resembles Khloe. Not a hard choice.