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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
Look... we understand you have a 1M and love it... and it's great etc etc.

The 1M is a great car for what it was built to do.

It is a great car for 50-55k no question about it.

But it is NOT worth 90k, or in fact, anything over MSRP.
The M3 is the benchmark for BMW M.
Also, I don't personally care what C&D, R&T, etc say.... why? They tend to hype new cars like there's no tomorrow; it helps boost sales of those cars :P

There are better cars one can buy if you increase the price.... Cayman R is one example.
I know the R isn't as comfortable as the 1 nor as daily drivable, but I'm just trying to make a simple point
It isn't worth $90k. This is an example of ONE retarded dealership with insane markups. They always do this. Everyone is selling their cars near msrp.

The M3 is no benchmark anymore. It's become a gt cruiser like the m5/m6 except cheaper.

So everyone loved the 1M and your just calling it hype? Wow talk about denial.

The 1M beats the M3 in every category for me except maybe looks. But than again the 1M is just the newest M car, it should be as fast as it is. The next m3 will smoke the 1M most likely, even though it'll weigh 4000 lbs.

Also why compare it to a Cayman R? Would you compare the cayman r to an m3? They are totally different cars. Also the 1M is faster than the Cayman R for less $$, arguably better handling, more livable DD, and more space. Also if you increase the price you can get an even better car than the m3. But whats the point in comparing $100k cars to a $60k car? Do you compare your m3 to a 911?