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Originally Posted by d2airsoft View Post
Hi I am new here. I am actually a Audi fans. Planning to get my first BMW.. 335 coupe. Kind of hard to decide in between A5 or 335,. It seems the 335 have more HP and fasterrrrrrr. ALSO TURBOOOO!!!!!!!!! :rocks: But the A5 looks not bad at all. Should I wait for the Audi A5 and compare ?? or just place a order on the 335??? (I was told that the 335 is out of stock. If I want one, I have to place a order and get onto their waiting list)
This is not the right forum for your question in more than one way. First of all you should have posted this in the e90post forum, not on M3post, but anyway.
Let me say it that way. The 335i is better in terms of handling, power and driving experience than any A5 (if we can trust the reviews so far). Only "competitor" for the 335 is indeed the S5. So if you're torn between S5 and 335i I would recommend you to wait some months (is it released in June?) and testdrive both S5 and 335i. But if you're torn between A5 and 335i, the 335i is the way to go, unless you like the design of A5 more than the BMW's.

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