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Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123 View Post
Although I know the M3 is a better car in numerous aspects, I would walk past it in a heartbeat for the C63 AMG. The noise the AMG makes could erupt Yellowstone and is simply unrivaled! I just love the oversteery, sideways lunacy the AMG offers and the straight line speed will leave the dignified M3 in a cloud of smoke!
I even hate the C-Class and love the 3 Series to bits! The C63 AMG is that good.
- agreed on the C63 description. I'm happy with the M3 85% of the time, the other 15% I miss the tire shredding torque and smokey sideways abilities of the C63.

I read somewhere that the new C63 is not going to get the 5.5 turbo engine but will keep the 6.2. I have spent considerable time behind the wheel of both the C63 and the M3 and they are nothing alike.

The C63 reminds me of driving a Corvette Z06 in terms of power and torque. Its a ton of fun even with the automatic. In my opinion for day to day aggressive driving I find the C63 more fun. For true sport/enthusiast driving the M3 in my opinion is much more refined, brake and handles better, and is still fast. If you are planning on tracking it then M3 all the way. Otherwise spend some time behind the wheel of both.