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♦ Sonic MS | Verstraβe Motorsport Technik Wheel Spacers for BMW

Sonic Motorsports
1045 West El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040
tel: 650-733-6506
fax: 650-691-9009

We at Sonic MS are proud to present a revolutionary new type of wheel spacer that is now available to the BMW community.

Precision milled in the United States out of T6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, Verstraβe (pronounced Verstrasse) weight optimized wheel spacers utilize an industry first pentagon shaped design in order to minimize weight without sacrificing the structural integrity of the spacer itself.

Furthermore, Verstraβe's Motorsport Technik Wheel Spacers for BMWs utilize machined pocketing in order to further minimize unpsrung weight for maximum performance.

These spacers also use chamfered edges to allow for easier removal and are anodized in a matte silver finish for additional strength and corrosion resistance.

Verstraβe spacers are machined with surgical grade precision utilizing tolerances within 1/1000th of an inch, this guarantees a perfect fitting spacer that is hubcentric and virtually eliminates any risk of vibration issues. In addition, Finite Element Anaylsis (FEA) simulations are run to ensure the weight optimized design of the spacers does not sacrifice structural integrity.

Wheel spacers are used to give a car a wider stance, which increases lateral stability in addition to giving the car a more aggressive stance. Stock suspension and wheel setups are fairly conservative in regards to the amount of gap between the wheel and the fender, and wheel spacers help correct this by pushing the wheel towards the fender well, filling the gap.

Each Verstraβe Motorsport Technik Wheel Spacer set includes matching extended lug bolts which are dacromet coated in an OEM black finish for corrosion resistance.

  • Machined out of T6061-T6 aircarft grade aluminum
  • Hubcentric fitment with surgical grade precision tolerances - guaranteeing no risk of vibration issues
  • Spacer design subjected to FEA analysis to ensure safe structural integrity under load
  • Unique Motorsport inspired pentagon shaped design further optimizes weight reduction in comparison to traditional rounded spacers
  • Anodized in a matte silver finish for additional strength and corrosion resistance
  • Gives your car a wider stance and improves handling and appearance
  • Includes matching set of dacromet coated extended wheel bolts

Verstraβe Motorsport Technik Wheel Spacer Package Includes:
QTY 2 - Weight Optimized Wheel Spacers
QTY 10 - Extended dacromet coated wheel bolts

MSRP Pricing:
5mm - $114.99
10mm/12mm/15mm - $174.99

As an introductory special, we are offering the first batch at a special price. Only while supplies last!
To order, simply visit our web store in the below link.

Store Hours:
Mon-Fri : 10AM-7PM PST
Sat: 12PM-5PM PST


We accept all major Credit Cards, in addition to PayPal and Certified Cashiers Checks / Money Orders.