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Originally Posted by NYCGP View Post
So wait... one side won't cut back entitlements. The other side won't allow higher taxes. But only one side is at fault?

If I want to go to the movies and you want to go to the baseball game and we end up doing nothing. Is it my fault for wanting to go to the movies? Or is it your fault for wanting to see a ball game? Is one more valuable or important than the other? The word is compromise. Neither side was willing to do it. You have the left saying the right won't compromise and the right saying the left won't compromise. That tells me they are all being pig-headed. If you choose to blame one side over the other you are simply showing an ignorance bred from bias.

I guess you missed the part about Obama repeatedly saying he was willing to cut entitlements?

To follow your example, what really happened is that we went to the movies. We went to the movie that the Tea Party demanded, with Boehner bragging about he got his choice of movies after months of threatening to burn down the Movie Theater and the Ball Park if he didn't get his way.

On the other hand, Obama started by backing the framework of the BI-PARTISAN Fiscal Commission's debt reduction plan, developed by both Republicans and Democrats that called for 4 Tillion in deficit reductions, with a 3:1 ratio between cuts and revenues.

Here is the framework Obama endorsed (with adjustments to be negotiated by both parties):

Obama STARTED in the MIDDLE, trying to implement the BI-PARTISAN Fiscal Commission's 4 Trillion dollar outline, that ALREADY was a compromise between Democrats and Republicans. Boehner walked out of these talks, and said he would do it alone by forcing his Boehner Plan through no matter what. These are the FACTS, no matter how much you cry and cry "bias".

In your example, it would be like me agreeing to go any baseball game where 2 teams were playing that you and I had ALREADY AGREED to go to see. And you saying absolutely not, it has to be the movie you demanded, or you would burn down the Movie Theater and the Ball Park. And we ended up going to the movie you demanded, but the Movie Theater and the Ball Park still got scorched anyways from the flame-thrower you were insanely waving around.

I don't understand how you can compare Obama starting in the middle with trying to implement a bi-partisan plan that already included compromises on behalf of Obama, and saying it was the same as Boehner forcing through his own Boehner Plan, refusing to include a singe bit of increased revenue that the bi-partisan commission already agreed to.

I'm willing to spread the blame as much is as due. The formula I would use for spreading the blame is the same numbers Boehner came up with. When he said after the final bill passed that Republicans got "90 percent of what we wanted", I think his math is right. So I'll cede that Democrats should take 10% of the blame, as long as you agree that the Tea Party Republicans man up and shoulder the other 90% of the blame since they held the country hostage until they got 90% of what they wanted.

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