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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Yes, Obama was right in 2006 about the Republican "Don't Tax and Spend Even More" fiscal policies that turned a surplus into a deficit. Everything Obama said in 2006 is still right about the same Republican economic policies that are still in place due to Republican filibusters and repeated threats of shutting down the entire government.

Now we've got failed Tea Party Republican leaders who will shut down the government, saying they got 90% of what they wanted, who have taken the country hostage and forced us into repeating the same Republican policies that got us here in the first place.
So wait... one side won't cut back entitlements. The other side won't allow higher taxes. But only one side is at fault?

If I want to go to the movies and you want to go to the baseball game and we end up doing nothing. Is it my fault for wanting to go to the movies? Or is it your fault for wanting to see a ball game? Is one more valuable or important than the other?

The word is compromise. Neither side was willing to do it. You have the left saying the right won't compromise and the right saying the left won't compromise. That tells me they are all being pig-headed. If you choose to blame one side over the other you are simply showing an ignorance bred from bias.
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