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Originally Posted by ///Metak View Post
Do realize how much FAIL your post has? So you read in C&D that the 1M is dead? What's your point? Before the 1M even went into production BMW decided it was going to be a limited run. Also, 'regular M3 over 1 M all the time unless you cant afford the M3'? I'm assuming you didn't actually read this part in CD but rather it's your failed logic at work. That's like suggesting M3's are for individuals who can not afford an M6, which one might be able to argue because of the much larger price difference. But you don't stop there. Too small? The interior dimensions are so similar with the M3 and 1M that it's obvious you don't know what you are talking about.

1M and M3 dimensions:

ACTUAL CarANDDriver quote from the 1M comparo in which it came in 1st:

"The BMW 1M is neither a performance poseur nor a cynical styling exercise. Itís the clear winner!"

Look... we understand you have a 1M and love it... and it's great etc etc.

The 1M is a great car for what it was built to do.

It is a great car for 50-55k no question about it.

But it is NOT worth 90k, or in fact, anything over MSRP.
The M3 is the benchmark for BMW M.
Also, I don't personally care what C&D, R&T, etc say.... why? They tend to hype new cars like there's no tomorrow; it helps boost sales of those cars :P

There are better cars one can buy if you increase the price.... Cayman R is one example.
I know the R isn't as comfortable as the 1 nor as daily drivable, but I'm just trying to make a simple point