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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Tax Cut Tourette's strikes again. The answer to everything is always a tax cut, eh? Bull.

But I'm not the guy you need to argue this with anymore. What I say won't impact what Standard and Poor's does to the US credit rating. And they disagree with you.

They specifically talk about increasing revenue, and letting some or all of the Bush Tax Cuts expire. So you can bicker with me all you want, but Standard and Poor's disagrees with you, so you will have to take it up with them if you think they are wrong.
Do you ever listen to a word I say?...I have said lower taxes is important but if you would have turned on your cranial nerve 8 at all, you would know by far the most important thing we need to do is to make govt SMALLER!!!! I need to repeat this?.

You wont answer this because in your heart you know this is true but this goes against liberal politics...decreasing govt spending can only be done by making govt smaller, not increasing taxes...if you increase taxes the economy will suffer.

S and P wants our debt load to decrease., period.

You see, the govt collected 15% of GDP or roughly 2.25 trillion in taxes last yr...if we go to the higher tax rates from the Clinton yrs this rate would go up to 20% of GDP, which would make it raising taxes would increase tax revenue by 750B...well the govt is overspending by 2T a yr!!!!...that is where the prob lies...not raising taxes on the rich...and dont even bring up the 2-3T Obama says he is going to reduce the deficit by over the next 10 yrs, that aint happening... we all know its going up by 7T within the next 10 yrs as a conservative estimate.

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