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Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se View Post
Ok, thanks. Yeah, def not looking to drop thousands and thousands on this. Still, I've registered for the day and will go at least once.

Will look at the track forum. Thanks for the info.
Where on earth are you going to get your brakes flushed. Go to a garage outside the city (like autocouture in NJ or Proformance in Westchester) and get it done. Should cost far less than $200.

If this is your first track day (sounds like it), flushing your brakes isn't 100% necessary, but it is a good safety precaution to take. Aside from checking your tires + tire pressure, torquing your wheel nuts, checking your brakes, and just generally giving your car a once-over inspection, there's not much else you need to do. Performance brake pads are definitely NOT necessary for your first time out.

Only other thing I would recommend is track insurance. Chances are low, but if you have a shunt on the track, you're looking at a full loss without track day insurance.


Also, be sure to purchase an electronic air pressure sensor and a torque wrench before hitting the track. Last time I hit the track, none of the E9x M3s brought a torque wrench, and we couldn't torque our wheels between sessions, which is not a great idea.